What are the general conditions of probation?
The defendant, having been granted the privilege of serving all or part of the above-stated sentence on probation, hereby is sentenced to the following general conditions of probation:
- Do not violate the criminal laws of any governmental unit.
- Avoid injurious and vicious habits, especially alcoholic intoxication and narcotics and other dangerous drugs unless prescribed lawfully.
- Avoid persons or places of disreputable or harmful character.
- Report to the Probation/Parole Supervisor as directed and permit such Supervisor to visit them at home or elsewhere.
- Work faithfully at suitable employment insofar as may be possible.
- Do not change their present place of abode, move outside the jurisdiction of the Court, or leave the State for any period of time without prior permission of the Probation Supervisor.
- Support their legal dependents to the best of their ability.
- The Probationer shall, from time to time upon oral or written request by any Probation Officer, produce a breath, urine, and/or blood specimen for analysis for the possible presence of a substance prohibited or controlled by any law of the State of Georgia or of the United States.

Depending on the offense, you may also have other special conditions to complete, which will be on your Final Disposition Sheet that you receive at your first appointment.

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