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 July 24, 2017  
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Contact Information

Physical/ Mailing Address:
700 N. Pine Street, Suite 250
Springfield, GA  31329

Contact Information:
Office: 912-754-2124
Fax: 912-754-4893

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

Staff Directory

Directions to Magistrate Court
Magistrate Court Forms


Abandoned Property
Abandoned Property Instructions

Abandoned Vehicle; Statement of Charges

Abandoned Vehicle; Report of Sale
MV603 - Abandoned Vehicle Notice Form
MV603I - Insurer/ Storing Vehicle
MV603A - Submission to Court Form
MV603R - Release Form
MV603RF - Repair Facility

Bad Checks
Bad Check Instructions
Bad Check Application
Bad Check; Certification of Notification
Bad Check; Ten Day Letter

Civil Filings
Amendment - Claim Amount
Amendment - Defendants Address
Amendment - Defendants Name
Answer/Counterclaim of Defendant (Civil Cases Only)
Affidavit of Indigence
Certificate in Support of Default Judgment
Consent Judgment
Consent Judgment - Affidavit for Default
Counter Claim of Defendant (Civil Claims)
Designation of Agent
Dispossesory Claim
Dispossessory; Motion for Default - Certificate in Support MUST be attached
Default Judgment; Certificate in Support
Fi.Fa. - (Fieria Facias)
Fi.Fa. Cancellation
Fi.Fa. Request
Foreclosure Claim
Foreclosure; Motion for Default
Foreign Judgment - Affidavit to Domesticate
Lock-Out Notice Request
Motion to Issue (Fi.Fa, Post Judgment & Lock-Out)
Post Judgment Request
Statement of Claim/ Civil Suit
Statement of Claim; Motion for Default - Certificate in Support MUST be attached
Transfer Request - Plaintiff
Transfer Request - Defendant
Trover Claim

Criminal Filings

Good Behavior Bond Application
Warrant Application

PACKET - Continuing Garnishment
PACKET - Regular Garnishment
Affidavit of Garnishment on a Financial Institution
Affidavit for Continuing Garnishment
Answer of Garnishee
Defendant's Claim Form
Designation of Agent for Business Entity
Garnishment; Motion to Dismiss
Military DD Form 2653 (Garnishment)
Notice to Defendant of Right Against Garnishment of Money, Including Wages, and Other Property
Plaintiff's Traverse
Request for Judgment Against Garnishee
Summons of Garnishment - Regular
Summons of Garnishment - Continuing
(Attachment for) Summons of Garnishment

Third Party Claim

General Forms
Change of Address Notification
Motion to Dismiss Case
Request for Continuance
Request for Dismissal
Request for Subpoena

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