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 July 24, 2017  
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Street Address:
Effingham County Administration Complex
601 N Laurel St
Springfield, Ga 31329
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Excerpts from the Official website of the Department of Homeland Security:

How Do I Protect Myself From Cyber Attacks:

The following preventative strategies are intended to help our public and private partners proactively look for emails attempting to deceive users into "clicking the link" or opening attachments to seemingly real websites:

·         Never click on links in emails. If you do think the email is legitimate, whether from a third party retailer or primary retailer, go to the site and log on directly. Whatever notification or service offering was referenced in the email, if valid, will be available via regular log on.

·         Never open the attachments. Typically, retailers will not send emails with attachments. If there is any doubt, contact the retailer directly and ask whether the email with the attachment was sent from them.

·         Do not give out personal information over the phone or in an email unless completely sure. Social engineering is a process of deceiving individuals into providing personal information to seemingly trusted agents who turn out to be malicious actors. If contacted over the phone by someone claiming to be a retailer or collection agency, do not give out your personal information. Ask them to provide you their name and a call-back number. Just because they may have some of your information does not mean they are legitimate!

Other practical tips to protect yourself from cyberattacks:

·         Set secure passwords and don't share them with anyone. Avoid using common words, phrases, or personal information and update regularly.

·         Keep your operating system, browser, anti-virus and other critical software up to date. Security updates and patches are available for free from major companies.

·         Verify the authenticity of requests from companies or individuals by contacting them directly. If you are asked to provide personal information via email, you can independently contact the company directly to verify this request.

·         Pay close attention to website URLs. Pay attention to the URLs of websites you visit. Malicious websites sometimes use a variation in common spelling or a different domain (for example, .com instead of .net) to deceive unsuspecting computer users.

·         For e-Mail, turn off the option to automatically download attachments.

·         Be suspicious of unknown links or requests sent through email or text message. Do not click on unknown links or answer strange questions sent to your mobile device, regardless of who the sender appears to be.

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IT Mission Statement:

The Information Technology (IT) department provides the technology bridge that connects county agencies, state agencies, and the community via technology services.  The department of information technology provides these services with the following focus:


  • Provide information services that improve or complement county services.

  • Provide these services at reasonable cost and minimizing the cost of those services supported by the taxpayers of the county.

  • Provide a focal point for information technology consulting for enhancing and developing operational efficiency through use of our services.

  • Maintain up to date knowledge in technology and a productive role in enhancing and improving services.

  • Enriching our users’ computer experience through training and support.

 Technology Services:

   The Information Technology (IT) department provides information services that represent a majority of most agencies daily functions via computer and networked equipment.  This is a critical part of most agencies information services used to help meet the daily requirements for their agencies functionality.  IT provides these services through the following methods:
Foundation Services:
  • Network Infrastructure – Data communications via switching equipment that allow creation, use and storage of agency information in response to the agencies stated purpose.
  • Server Infrastructure – Hardware platforms that allow methodical collection and storage of data to form usable information in response to the agencies stated purpose.

  • Maintenance Services – Create and maintain dependable and reliable services to county and state agencies as required to the agencies stated purpose.

  • Knowledge Services – Intellectual services to complement technology usage and acquisition.
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