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 July 24, 2017  
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Questions about a business license? You may contact us via the information listed below. 

Phone: 912.754-2128
Fax: 912.754.2151

Email: kphillips@effinghamcounty.org

Mailing/Physical Address
601 North Laurel St.
Springfield, Georgia 31329

Hours of Operation
8:30am -5:00pm
(except on county holidays)



Your license is due to be renewed on January 1st or as late as April 1st without a penalty being assessed.  - (Reference Chapter 70-Taxation, Sec. 70-41) of the Code of Effingham County Ordinance.

Provided all required documents are made available you may renew your business license via mail.  Please send to attenton Business License Division at the mailing address listed above. 


This page includes basic information for acquiring a business license for the unincorporated area of Effingham County.  Anyone conducting a business is required to obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate (Business License) as defined in Sec. 70-36 of the Effingham County Code of ordinances. 

The documents required for a new or renewal of an occupation tax certificate are located in the right hand column.  We have also included the link for the Codes of Effingham County. 

The fee for renewal of an occupational tax certificate is based upon number of employees as listed in the table below:

    Number of Employees                      Fee
              0-9                                     $100.00
            10-19                                   $200.00
            20-19                                   $300.00
            30-39                                   $400.00
            40-49                                   $500.00
        50 or more                               $600.00

A new occupational tax certificate includes a $30.00 administrative fee.


To renew your business license you will need to provide the following documents:

  * a list of current employees
    * a cancelled check or tax paid receipt showing taxes being paid
    * a completed, notorized private employer affidavit (see under documents)

Your license will not be renewed without these documents.


Alcohol License Requirements Minimize
All persons desiring to obtain an alcohol license shall make written application at the Development Services office.  Upon application completion, said person shall submit to a background check performed by the Effingham County Sherriff's office.  The Zoning Administrator will then inspect the site for compliance as provided by the Effingham County Ordinances.  If approved, a sign shall be posted on said property from thirty (30) days of the approved application date.  A legal notification shall also run in the local paper once for one week. 

For further detailed information, refer to Chapter 6 - Alcoholic Beverages of the Effingham County Code of Ordinances.
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